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In 2022, 1,411* children in Arkansas were reunited with their families after being involved in the child welfare system, and 976* children were successfully unified with families through adoption.

Starting in 2023 and continuing annually in June, Arkansas will celebrate by hosting Reunification Celebration Day. Families, judges, court staff, attorneys, social workers, community service providers, stakeholders, and members of the community will come together to celebrate.

The occasion will recognize families who have triumphed over challenges to nurture and fortify their family bonds, creating a secure and supportive environment for their children. It will also acknowledge child welfare professionals who aid families in reunification efforts.

This event is hosted by: The Arkansas Court Improvement Program, the Arkansas Commission on Children, Youth, and Families, the Arkansas Department of Human Services, the Arkansas Commission for Parent Counsel, the Attorney ad Litem Program of the Administrative Office of the Courts, and Arkansas CASA.

Pulaski County

The 2023 Pulaski County Reunification Celebration will be held on June 24 to celebrate families who overcame an array of challenges to reunify safely and successfully with their children at Mosaic Church in Little Rock.  Several parents from the Parent Warrior Circle will be advocating in front of DCFS, CASA, the press, judges, foster parents, and other community members. Through this event and others in the future, the Parent Warrior Circle hopes to give other parent warriors a voice and hope for change. The Pulaski County Juvenile Court, Pulaski County Division of Children and Family Services, Pulaski County CASA, Safe Babies Team, Project Zero, Parent Counsel, Attorneys ad Litem have all collaborated to make the day special for the families.  The event will include various speakers, interactive activities for the families, and recognition of family service workers, outstanding foster parents, and service providers who play a role in the reunification process.  The highlight of the event will be to salute the accomplishments of the families who did the work to successfully reunify.

Pulaski County Family Reunification Day Event

Pulaski County Family Reunification Day Event