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Eva Klain

Associate Director, ABA Center on Children and the Law

Washington, DC

Eva was always drawn to law as a vehicle for positive change. During a legal internship in Hong Kong, she accompanied a Chinese solicitor representing a domestic violence victim to court. Eva was struck by how much their legal support meant to the client in court. That moment led Eva to specialize in child and family law, and on to policy work in prosecuting child abuse.

Coming to the ABA offered Eva an opportunity to expand from criminal prosecution to child welfare. She took on dependency court reform and child sexual exploitation issues, and then developed expertise in infant and toddler health law. She feels she has come full circle as her work with teen moms and other adolescent health legal issues often include elements of victimization and exploitation.

Eva balances focused research and writing with building teams of lawyers, judges, psychologists, and doctors to work collaboratively on trauma-informed legal advocacy. She likes “bouncing ideas off and working with other people.” Colleagues appreciate her collegial and diplomatic work style.

She is still energized by that moment in the Hong Kong court and “how deeply our lives are influenced by laws, how law can be used for good.” She values the underpinnings of the law that are important to public health and can positively impact communities.