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ABA Policies

Protections for Immigrant and Asylum-Seeking Children, Feb. 2017

Fair Treatment and Access to Justice for Immigrant Children, Feb. 2015

Aiding Children Affected by Immigration Enforcement, Aug. 2011

Aiding Immigration-Detained Parents in State Child-Related Cases, Aug.  2011

Aiding Undocumented and Citizen Children Separated from Parents, Aug. 2011

Alien Children Custody/Representation Standards, Aug. 2004

Unaccompanied Immigrant Youth Access to Counsel, Feb. 2001

ABA Policy Letter

Family Separation Letter, June 2018

ABA Practice Standards

Standards on the Custody,  Placement and Care; Legal Representation; and Adjudication of Unaccompanied Alien Children


ABA Child Law Practice, Immigration Article Collection

ABA Statement on the Surge of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children, before the Committee on the Judiciary of the U.S. House of Representatives

Keeping Immigrant Families Together
Ann Park

Center Helping States, Immigrants and Families
Sally Inada, Cristina Cooper

A Humanitarian Call to Action: Unaccompanied Alien Children at the Southwest Border
ABA Commission on Immigration

Important State Court Child Welfare/Immigration-Related Opinions
Howard Davidson, Jane Addams College of Social Work at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Families on the Front Lines: How Immigration Advocates Can Build a Bridge between the Immigration & Child Welfare Systems
Lindsay Marshall, First Focus

No Childhood Here: Why Central American Children are Fleeing Their Homes
Immigration Policy Center

The Impact of ASFA on Immigrant Children in the Child Welfare Syste
Yali Lincroft & Bill Bettencourt

The Reuniting Immigrant Families Act: A Case Study on California’s Senate Bill 1064
Yali Lincroft

Immigration Relief for Abused Children: Special Immigrant Juvenile StatusInformation for Juvenile Court Judges, Child Welfare Workers, and Others Working with Abused Children
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Detained or Deported: What About My Children?
Women’s Refugee Commission

Falling Through the Cracks: The Impact of Immigration Enforcement on Children Caught Up in the Child Welfare System
Immigration Policy Center and First Focus

Shattered Families: The Perilous Intersection of Immigration Enforcement and the Child Welfare System
Seth Freed Wessler et al., New York: Applied Research Center

CLE Event Materials

The ABCs of Representing Unaccompanied Children in Removal Proceedings
ABA Commission on Immigration

Federal Policies

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Directive

ICE Directive 1106 4.1: Facilitating Parental Interests in the Course of Civil ImmigrationEnforcement  Activities

Applying the ICE Parental Interests Directive to Child Welfare Cases



The Reuniting Immigrant Families Act (SB 1064) is the nation’s first law to address the reunification barriers faced by immigrant families involved with the child welfare system.

New York

Pending New York State Assembly Bill: S 4185/A 637 7-2013 (New York State Reuniting Families Act).

Practice Tools


Immigrant Caregivers: The Implications of Immigration Status on Foster Care Licensure

Case Studies

Immigrants in the Child Welfare System: Case Studies

Fact Sheets

Immigrant Caregivers: The Implications of Immigration Status on Foster Care Licensure

Separated Children and Child Welfare Concerns Fact Sheet

Summary: Immigrant Caregivers: The Implications of Immigration Status on Foster CareLicensure

Quick Guides

Quick Guide to Federal Child Welfare and Immigration Law

California Quick Guide to Child Welfare and Immigration Law

Colorado Quick Guide to Child Welfare and Immigration Law

New York Quick Guide to Child Welfare and Immigration Law


'Working with Immigrant Families Involved in the State Child Welfare System: The Child Welfare Agency's Role

Working with Immigrant Children and Families Involved in the State Child Welfare System

Primer on the State Court Judges' Role in Special Immigrant Juvenile Classification

SIJS Advocacy in State Courts

Working with Immigrant Families: The Impact of Increased Immigration Enforcement on Child Welfare