Preconference Materials

Mon., April 24

Historical Context and Relevance

Mississippi ICWA Video

Unseen Tears


Regulations and Guidelines

2016 Regulations

Child Law Practice January 2017 - ICWA Issue



Systemic Change around ICWA

Phases Handout with Milestones


Working with Tribes

Wed., April 26


Intersection of Immigration and Child Welfare Law Case Examples

Immigration Advocates Network Legal Directory-to find providers

Legal Directory - Nonprofit Resource Center

Representing Detained and Non-Detained Asylum Seekers, NIJC

Representing Asylum Seekers

A System Designed to Make People Disappear Slate Article

Common Defenses

Federal Quick Guide

Flow Chart for Asylum Seekers

Immigration and Child Welfare Powerpoint


Administrative and Legislative Action and How it Affects Your Practice

Executive Order and UAC

Five Reasons Immigration Enforcement Orders Harm Children

Exec Orders and Access to Public Programs

WRC Resource List

WRC Michelle Brane Powerpoint


Building the Network between Child Welfare and Immigration Lawyers