March 31, 2020

Children and Law Conference Materials

Thurs., April 27

Holistic Advocacy for Families

Safety Plans and Legality of Removal

AB v Holliman DCFS Settlement

Action Transmittal


CFS 1441 D

CFS 1441 E

CFS 1441 F

Complaint File Stamped


Twilight Zone Handout

Hernandez v Foster

IL Safety Plan Legislation

LW v DCFS Filed Complaint

No7 Complaint 

PA Safety Planning and Due Process

Safety Plan Concerns

Tenenbaum v Williams


Transistion Aged Youth


Sending an SOS



Lawyers Using Data and Research

Applying Education Research Powerpoint

National Judicial Benchcard

Journal Article




Fri., April 28

Social Media Ethics


Media Training Slides

Social Media Slides

Children as Parents: Effective Advocacy for Expectant and Parenting Youth


Building A Safety Net for Teen Parents in Foster Care: California’s Approach (Child Law Practice article)

Mental Health Advocacy



Domestic Child Sex Trafficking


National state law surveys (Barriers to Child Welfare Intervention, Non-criminalization of Juvenile Sex Trafficking Victims, Child Sex Trafficking Definitions)

Protected Innocence Challenge Fact Sheet

Protected Innocence Challenge 2016 Toolkit: Building a Legal Framework of Protection for the Nation’s Children

Protected Innocence Challenge Issue Briefs (Components 5.1, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6)

Definitions Matter – Eliminating the Third party Control Barrier to Identification of Juvenile Sex Trafficking Victims: fact sheet, summary, policy paper

JuST Response Council Protective Response Model field guidance report

Non-criminalization of Juvenile Sex Trafficking Victims policy paper

Justice for Juveniles field guidance report

State Impact Memo


Creating and Sustaining Coalitions