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Center for Public Interest Law

The Center puts the ABA motto of “Defending Liberty, Pursuing Justice” into action through advocacy, education, and initiatives implemented across the country, at the border, and around the world. With staff and members leading efforts related to children and families, death penalty representation, domestic and gender-based violence, elder law, election law, gun violence, homelessness and poverty, immigration, veterans, and pro bono projects, the Center is your gateway to resources to support and amplify your efforts as well as to connect with other lawyers who share your passion to improve systems and change lives.

Some people have a job. YOU have a mission.

Your Mission is Our Mission

ABA Membership provides access to unlimited free CLE, technical assistance, and special opportunities to advance the issues important to you. Membership also supports advocacy to fund legal services and member-driven programming, policy development and pro bono efforts impacting the legal profession and vulnerable populations across the country. The ABA offers a reduced annual membership rate for public interest lawyers. Lawyers in the first four years of practice pay $75 per year, and those with more experience pay only $150. For an additional $45, join the Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice and attend “CRSJ 101” on the first Monday of every month to learn how to get connected with fellow lawyers who share our public interest mission.

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2023: A Year of Impact

The American Bar Association increases access to justice and improves systems and outcomes for people in the United States and abroad. While the 2023 ABA Impact Report highlights just some of our efforts, it demonstrates the breadth and scope of our important work. We are both inspired by and grateful to the lawyers, law students, judges, and advocates who join together to advance the Rule of Law and pursue justice each and every day.

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Serving the Common Good

Get Inspired

The Center for Public Interest Law is committed to serving the common good for people and communities across the country, at the border and around the world, and championing the issues that are important to you through advocacy, research and education. Get inspired by the ABA and learn more about the initiatives of the CPIL's 11 entities.

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Get Ahead

Get Ahead with ABA! Explore Pro Bono career opportunities, the Commission on Immigration's Law Academy, the Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence's competitions and awards, and many more valuable resources of the Center for Public Interest law.

CPIL Opportunities

Explore ABA's Center for Public Interest Law's fellowships, internships, trainings, and networking opportunities.

Get Involved

Get involved with ABA by learning about who we are, Pro Bono opportunities, Grassroots Advocacy and the variety of benefits offered through ABA membership.

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Get Informed

Get Informed! Explore the Center for Public Interest Law's Initiatives, e-Newsletter, upcoming CLE events, Pro Bono opportunities, trainings, and Library Resources.

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Get Political

What are you passionate about? Learn more about ABA's Governmental Affairs and Grassroots Network, ABA Letters and Testimony, ABA CPIL Policy Library, and ABA's Call to Action.

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Public Interest Law

The practice of public interest law encompasses protection of individual rights, advancement of justice, and improvements for the good of the general public. All of these important objectives can be accomplished through a variety of means and settings. The Center for Public Interest Law is committed to providing programming and other resources to help lawyers accomplish these important goals.

American Bar Endowment grants nearly $3.7 million to ABA FJE

Generous Support for Legal Services

With generous support from the ABE and its insurance participants, the ABA improves access to justice and provides life-saving legal services to individuals and families in need. The ABA FJE remains grateful for the ABE’s current grant of nearly $3.7 million and its unwavering generosity for nearly 60 years. This investment helps to support critical law-related projects and programs that are important to the profession and the public.

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