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January 06, 2021

Related Programs

This website and the Teachers Resource Bulletin “Addressing Gun Violence: A Law and Public Health Approach” are components in a public outreach and education effort to explore ways of reducing gun violence through a public health framework.

This effort also includes a number of public programs held throughout the country under the auspices of our partner ABA entities and medical associations. The following is a list of past and upcoming programs that have been part of this national initiative.

Upcoming Programs

--Coming soon!--

Past Programs

Targeting the Gun Violence Epidemic: A Public Health Approach (10/19/16)

Gun Violence in Maine: How Best to Respond (09/29/16)

Gun Violence: A Public Health Epidemic (02/05/15)

Moving from Crisis to Action: A Public Health Approach to Reducing Gun Violence (12/04/15)

Taking Aim at Gun Violence: The Myth and Meaning of the Second Amendment (03/06/14)

Preventing Gun Violence: The Problem, Solutions, and What the Second Amendment Allows (06/24/14)

Combatting Gun Violence: A Role for Attorneys and the Bar (08/09/14)