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Other law-related lessons can be found at the following web sites:

The Civic Mind: Site contains a number of one-day lessons, as well as some longer ones, on constitutional issues.

Constitutional Rights Foundation: Many lessons for secondary grades.

First Amendment Center: Offers lesson plans, teacher's guides, and handouts grouped by subject areas, including: religious liberty, speech, press, assembly, and petition.

Minnesota Center for Community Legal Education: An excellent web site that contains many lessons and a variety of other resources for a wide range of LRE programs.

National Constitution Center: Hundreds of lessons on a wide range of constitutional issues, for all grade levels. Many date from the bicentennial of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Oklahoma Bar Association's LRE Project: Lessons on dozens of topics.

ProTeacher!: Lessons on the Constitution from ProTeacher!, a major site for teachers

Street Law: Site features curricula and resources on law-related topics.

Washington State Courts Educational Resources: A great source of lessons for lawyer and judges volunteering for LRE. Lessons are all short (one-day), self-contained. They deal with a variety of key areas, and there are lessons at all grade levels.

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