ABA Lessons K-3: Fairness & Equal Treatment: Fair or Unfair? Handout

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Grades K-3
Fairness and Equal Treatment

Fair or Unfair? Handout

Here are some examples of people being treated differently. Please go through them one by one. Do you think each one is fair or unfair? Why? If you think some are unfair, who is harmed and what should be done about it?

  1. Girls are not allowed to join the Boys Club. Boys can't join the Brownies.
  2. Children under 6 get into the swimming pool for free.
  3. Parents give their 10-year-old son a larger allowance than they give to their 5-year-old son.
  4. The positions in the class never rotate; the kids in front are always in front.
  5. There are twice as many kids on the soccer team as there are positions. The coach plays the best players most; some kids hardly play at all.