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Want to learn more about the jury? Our resource list below includes activities and lessons for students, as well as general information for the public.

ABA Young Lawyers Division: "We The Jury
Educate high school students about one of the most valuable civic duties in which they can participate: jury service. Curriculum materials for the project were created by the Texas Young Lawyers Association. Materials available from the ABA include an 86-page curriculum guide, video, and promotional items.

American Judicature Society: National Jury Center
Provides extensive information about all aspects of the jury, including: jury improvements, right to a jury trial, Frequently-Asked Questions, juror privacy, decision-making, and more. A topical bibliography of jury-related articles is also available.

American Jury Initiative
This ABA site offers background information on juries, a downloadable Dialogue on the American Jury featuring lessons for use with secondary school children and adults, a quiz, a media kit, and resources including links to other sites, suggestions for further reading, and key Supreme Court cases.

The Association of Trial Lawyers in America has a plethora of resources on the jury:

Bill of Rights Institute
Lessons on the jury at this site include "An Impartial Jury," which can be found if you search on that term. Short readings are followed by questions for discussion and links to further resources.

Center for Jury Studies
Includes jury news items, such as accommodating jurors with disabilities and free public transportation for jurors, as well as recommended books and reviews. Part of the National Center for State Courts.

The Civic Mind: "Right to an Impartial Jury"
This lesson plan for grades 7–9 helps students understand the Sixth Amendment (right to trial by an impartial jury) by having them discuss a criminal jury trial in the news and analyze the jury selection process. Constitutional Rights Foundation: The Right to an Impartial Jury Trial and a Free Press
This site contains three articles and activities on the mass media and its influence on criminal trials. Articles draw upon real cases; both discussion- based and writing-based activities are included.

Constitutional Rights Foundation—Chicago: "The American Jury: Bulwark of Democracy"
This online resource guide features lessons and other resources intended for teachers, students, and the public at large. Jury trial resources for use in the classroom are also included. Topics covered include the origins of the American jury, jury nullification, jury reform, and more.—You Be the Jury
Site allows visitors to act as jurors by providing input and opinions on real and pending civil and criminal cases involving real people. Once collected, this input can affect how a case is ultimately tried before a jury, or help bring about a settlement; it may assist attorneys and their clients in resolving their disputes and assessing the value of their claims and will even have an impact on cases all over the country.

National Constitution Center: The Responsibility of the Jury
Lesson for middle- and high-school students focuses on the meaning of responsibility and civic duty by highlighting the role of the juror and jury duty.

PBS Frontline: "The Plea"
This Frontline feature explores plea bargaining, the process by which a defendant agrees to forego a jury trial and plead guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence. Features include real-life cases and interviews as well as an article about the disappearance of the criminal jury trial.

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