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Teaching About Freedom of Speech on the Internet

Free Speech Handout

 Can you “say” anything you want, anywhere you want to? What are the limits?

  1. Candidate says, “I believe my opponent lacks good moral quality.”
  2. Advertisement: “Clear Face kills acne germs.” It doesn’t.
  3. Photographs of nude children.
  4. License plate required by state, “Live Free or Die.”
  5. Said to White House guard, “I’m here to kill the President.”
  6. News article says “Rick Roe beats his wife and children.” He doesn’t.
  7. A fraternity hangs out a Confederate flag on the Martin Luther King holiday.
  8. Book: How to Be a Hit Man.
  9. A person taunts, “Your mother ****.”
  10. A candidate blares his message from a sound truck at 3 AM in a residential neighborhood.

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