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High School Students: Due Process
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Terry's Terrible Day

Terry never thought much about due process until today. While at school, Terry learned that, as a member of the basketball team, she would have to undergo a urine test that day as part of the school's random testing of athletes. She went to her locker and found the assistant principal had opened it. A teacher reported smelling marijuana in that part of the hallway and so all lockers in that area were being inspected.

On the drive home, Terry's friend, Chris, drank from a beer can just as they were passing a police car. The officer pulled Terry over. Chris put the open can on the floor under his sweatshirt as the officer approached the car. The officer asked Terry for her driver's license and then asked if he could inspect the car. Terry consented. Finding the can of beer, the officer asked Terry if she knew how it got there.

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