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High School Students: Due Process
Conversations with Leaders in the Law

Identifying Speakers

Leaders in the law from state or local institutions in your community may be invited to share their perspectives with young people. Identify officials from the legislative, executive and judicial branches of local, state and federal government Invite either a single guest or a group that can be moderated by a bar leader. Ask them to share critical perspectives on how the freedoms, rights, and procedures grounded in the U.S. Constitution are applied in everyday life.

Suggested Speakers Include:

  • State or local bar association representatives
  • Specialty and/or minority bar association representatives
  • Judges
  • General counsels of corporations in your area
  • Representatives from the ACLU and other
  • law-related civic organizations
  • Lawyers living or practicing in your community
  • Law professors
  • Law students

If you are the law leader and are looking for teenagers to meet with, try your local junior or senior high school, your local scout troop, or your church or synagogue's youth group. You can meet at a local school, in a community center, or in your office (tailor the numbers to suit your situation). The meeting can be as simple or elaborate as you prefer.

Student Interns from the St. Louis Internship Program, Aida Hodzic, Maryam Austin, Alpachino Hogue, and Jennifer Duong, meet with Margaret Bush Wilson, ABA Law Day Chair 1998, at Soldan International Studies High School.
Photo courtesy of St. Louis Public Schools

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