ABA Lessons 7-9: Due Process Freedoms: Voir Dire Simulation: Questions

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Grades 7-9: Due Process Freedoms
Voir Dire Simulation

  1. Are you opposed to the new Safe Roads Act?
  2. Do you have an opinion concerning the alleged facts in the case?
  3. Do you believe "impairment" is a judgment call by the arresting officer?
  4. Do you believe alcohol affects different people in different ways?
  5. Do you have a driver's license?
  6. Have you ever been involved in an accident with a drunk driver?
  7. Do you have relatives or close friends who have been involved in an accident with a drunk driver?
  8. Do you belong to a religious or fraternal organization that condemns the sale or use of alcoholic beverages?
  9. Do you have relative or friends who have been found guilty of DWI?
  10. Are you related to anyone involved with this case?
  11. Do you believe the burden of proof is the same for the prosecution in this case as in the case of rape or murder?
  12. Have media accounts of this case caused you to form an opinion about the defendant?
  13. Have you ever served on a jury before in a criminal case?
  14. Do you believe our system of justice is fair?
  15. Would your previous jury experience prevent you from being an impartial juror in this case?
  16. Is there any reason you can't sit as an impartial juror in this case?
  17. Do you understand that the prosecution must show "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the defendant is guilty as charged?
  18. Do you occasionally drink some sort of alcoholic beverage?
  19. Have you ever driven a car while consuming an alcoholic beverage?
  20. Have you ever had an unpleasant experience with someone who was drinking alcoholic beverages?
  21. Do you believe a person can safely drive a car after drinking two beers?
  22. Have you ever been convicted of a traffic violation?
  23. Do you ever inadvertently look away from the road while driving?
  24. Will it be hard to recognize that opening and closing arguments by attorneys are not evidence in the case?
  25. Will it be hard for you to disregard evidence the judge rules as inadmissible after you've heard it in open court?
  26. Do you have any connection with or interest in an insurance company?
  27. Do you believe that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty in this court?
  28. Do you feel you would believe a police officer more than the defendant in this case?
  29. Do you believe that youth, in general, drink too much and shouldn't be driving cars?
  30. Do you believe that the officer is positive the defendant was drunk or he wouldn't have arrested her?