ABA Lessons 7-9: Due Process Freedoms: Voir Dire Simulation: Prospective Jurors

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Grades 7-9: Due Process Freedoms
Voir Dire Simulation
Prospective Jurors

  • Emily is 34, white, single with a law degree. She is an attorney with the civil liberties union. Her hobby is racing sports cars on weekends.
  • Gordon is 20, black, single and is a biology major at State Technical College. He has a part-time job as a gas station attendant. He's an excellent tennis player.
  • John is 28, oriental, married with two small children. He is a research assistant working on a new breathalyzer which will be more accurate.
  • Deborah is 42, white, married, has two teenagers. She's a housewife and a heavy social drinker. Her husband is an insurance executive.
  • Helen is 43, white, single with a journalism degree. She is managing editor of the Local Ledger, which carried feature articles on the new Safe Roads Act.
  • Robert is 48, black, divorced and has two teenage daughters who live with their mother. He owns a chain of successful liquor stores and is expanding his business.
  • Thomas is 27, white, single with a high school degree. He plays lead guitar in a local band. He was recently involved in a drug raid by local authorities.
  • Lisa is 18, white, single and hopes to attend college after she graduates from high school this year. She drives a school bus and wants to major in business.
  • Grace is 62, white, married with a high school degree. She is a housewife and has four married children and ten grandchildren. Her husband is a retired plumber.
  • Cynthia is 41, white, divorced after a bitter court battle. She has a graduate degree in history and teaches history at the university. Her former husband is a truck dealer.
  • Perry is 48, black, married. He owns his own tobacco farm. His two teenage daughters help with planting and plowing on weekends and after school.
  • Alice is 43, black, separated. She has no children. She has a masters degree in business, is a local company executive and active in the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Louise is 52, black, married. She is active in her church. Her two sons are married. Her husband is a plant supervisor and active in the trade union.
  • James is 19, black, single and has a part-time job. At an auto body shop to help pay for his junior college education. He's an outstanding soccer player and believer in keeping physically fit.
  • Mark is 65, white married. He's president of the county country club, enjoys visiting his four grandchildren and retires next year as bank vice-president.
  • David is 51, white, married. His son was arrested on DWI charges and convicted last month. He's sales manager for a home owners' insurance company.
  • Sandra is 21, white, single and is attending the criminal justice academy officer training program. She's also studying psychology and wants to counsel youth.
  • Christine is 25, white, separated. She lives with two other girls and works as a waitress at the Blue Bunny Cafe. She didn't finish high school.
  • Joseph is 56, white, a widower with a degree in administration. He is a high school principal. His two married daughters live near by.
  • Wayne is 49, black, married with three teenage daughters. He is administrator of the county hospital and is a respected member of the community.
  • Norman is 34, white, married with a high school degree. He's a country singer who spends a lot of time on the road. He has one child.
  • Claudia is 56, black, married with a high school degree. She's a housewife with three married children. Her husband is a landscape gardener.
  • Elmer is 54, black, married with a 11th grade education. He is a construction worker and a strong union supporter. He has two grown children.
  • Betty is 46, white, married with two teenagers. She has a college degree and teaches high school social studies. Her husband is a computer programmer.
  • Michael is 73, white, a widower with a high school degree. He's a retired electrician. His wife was killed in an auto accident involving teenage drinking.
  • Joy is 60, white, married and has three married children and seven grandchildren. She's a volunteer at the hospital twice a week. Her husband is a car salesman.
  • Lucille is 48, black, married. She teaches at the day care center, and is active in community youth programs. Her husband is a Baptist minister.
  • Charlotte is 40, white, divorced. She has a medical degree and practices psychiatry at the county hospital clinic. She has no children and is devoted to her work.
  • Vivian is 48, black, married and has two children in college. She is secretary at the arts council. Her husband is an engineer with a contracting company.
  • Clyde is 73, retired. His wife is in a nursing home. He was in a car accident years ago but it didn't go to court. His son is a successful trial attorney.