ABA Lessons 4-6: Due Process Freedoms: Yertle the Turtle Mock Trial: Note to Jurors

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Grades 4-6: Due Process Freedoms
Yertle the Turtle Mock Trial

A Note to Jurors
Your job is to listen very carefully to what the witnesses say. You will be responsible for determining (1) whether they are telling the truth, (2) whether what they say is important to the case, and (3) whether they are accurate when they give their information. Then you must compare the testimony of the witnesses. Do the facts fit together? Was one side more reasonable than the other? Are you persuaded that a king may be held responsible for his actions? Do you think that this king should be in this situation? Your verdict must be unanimous and, if you determine that the king will be held responsible, you must decide what he must do to compensate for Sadie's alleged injury.