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July 30, 2020

Separation of Powers

Comparing State and Federal Constitutions

This lesson is intended to make students aware of the differences between state and federal constitutions. They will discuss the effects these differences can affect their individual rights. Two activities focus on differences in state and federal constitutional provisions regarding the environment and the right to privacy, and a third emphasizes the importance of the courts to interpreting these constitutions. 

Role of the Courts

In this lesson, students will discuss the structure of the Judicial Branch and its relationship to state and local courts. They will learn that the court is important to the interpretation of the law, and the resolution of disputes regarding the law. An accompanying Power Point is also available. 

What is the Judicial Branch?

This lesson exposes students to the judicial branch and the power of judicial review. They will read about an actual Supreme Court case, Torcaso v. Watkins, to see how the judicial branch used its power of judicial review to strike down an unconstitutional state law.