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March 21, 2019

First Amendment

Bullying and Speech Policies in Your School and Community

Students use a poem to discuss bullying and then explore policies within their school, community, and state.

Fundamental Freedoms

This lesson uses three Supreme Court cases to illustrate the difficulty in balancing our rights as citizens with the authority of a governmental body. Students will learn what our rights are, where they come from, and how far they extend.

Introducing the First Amendent

Students will inductively discover the First Amendment by reading and analyzing newspapers. They will discuss various circumstances involving the First Amendment, and so understand that in certain instances – libel, publication of national secrets, etc. – there is a limit to the freedoms expressed in the First Amendment.

Residential Property Signs

This lesson uses City of Ladue v. Gilleo as the basis for discussion of First Amendment rights. Students will argue for both sides of the case, and a group of students will serve as the city council; they will questions both sides and ultimately decide whether the ordinance should be upheld or not. The resource person might then lead a discussion on local laws regarding signs, posters, and handbills.

Separation of Church and State

This quick lesson uses a political cartoon to spark a discussion about the separation between church and state.