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September 09, 2019

How Courts Work


What Is the Relationship between Mediation and the Law?

Mediation doesn’t rely on specific points of law. People solve their own problems by looking to the future instead of finding fault or blame. In contrast, the courts make judgments based upon the law, and rules limit what can be considered. Courts may be unable to address the genuine issues or causes of a dispute and may not focus on individual circumstances. If you want one of the benefits of court procedure - enforceability - your mediation agreement can be written saying that it is intended to be legally binding and then be filed in court.

>>What Is Mediation?
>>What Is the Relationship between Mediation and the Law?
>>What Are the Advantages to Mediation?
>>What Are the Processes Involved?
>>In What Cases Might Mediation Be Used?
>>How Can I Choose a Mediator?

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