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What is Law-Related Education?

The Law-Related Act of 1978

According to the Law-Related Act of 1978, LRE is "education to equip non-lawyers with the knowledge and skills pertaining to the law, the legal process, and the legal system, and fundamental principles and values on which these are based." The U.S. Department of Education regulations supporting the Act add that LRE helps students "respond effectively to the law and legal issues in our complex and changing society."

LRE Today

Today, LRE embraces a rich and varied array of programs for all grade levels. These programs share a common goal of fostering the knowledge, skills, and values students need to function effectively in a society defined by its democratic institutions, pluralism, and the rule of law. LRE strives to develop the active citizens a democratic society requires: those who can understand, live in, and contribute positively to the civic communities to which they belong.

National Database of LRE Programs

Looking for information about law-related education programs in your area? The Clearinghouse for Civics and LRE Directory is a great source for information about programs and organizations focused on educating youth and the general public about the law.

Do you manage programs designed to educate the public about the law? Add your program to the Civics and LRE Directory.

LRE Around the Nation – Feature LRE Program

The Florida Bar

Tallahassee, FL

Law-Related Education Committee
The Law Related Education Committee promotes effective K-12 law-related education programs in Florida's schools, with an emphasis on teaching young citizens respect for the legal system, and for people and their property. The committee seeks to maintain and enhance the cooperative efforts of attorneys, educators, and law enforcement personnel in the field of law related education in Florida.

During the 2009-2010 school year, the Committee developed several new programs to promote law-related education in Florida's schools. One new project, undertaken in partnership with The Florida Bar's Committee on Judicial Independence, was a legal forum held in March 2010 at Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center in Fort Lauderdale. The forum explored the Fourth Amendment as it relates to an actual case involving a speeding car. Audience members ranged from teens to law students to adults who had been recruited to participate. Another new project was the development of a Legal Guide for New Adults YouTube video contest for high school students. The Committee, in partnership with the Florida Law Related Education Association, develops and supports Florida's high school Mock Trial and Moot Court competitions. It also prepares the Legal Guide for New Adults and the So you want to be a lawyer pamphlets.

To learn more about this state bar association's great programs, visit The Florida Bar .

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