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March 18, 2013

Consumer Law

Buying and Using Software

Do you have a right to make backup copies?

Probably. Even though your software comes on a disk or CD, most lawyers in this field agree, as do many software manufacturers, that you are entitled to make a backup copy of the software for protection in case the original disk is damaged or defective. The copy on your computer's hard drive is always vulnerable to a crash or other system disaster, and software companies recognize this as well as anyone—especially since their software often causes the problem! On the other hand, the use of zip drives and other backup media, as well as affordable Internet-based automatic backup solutions, may also be an intelligent way to protect yourself.

>>Can you copy software legally?
>>What legal terms govern your use of software?
>>What limitations are usually placed on how you use software?
>>Do you have a right to make backup copies?
>>How can you protect yourself as a software consumer?

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