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March 18, 2013

Buying or Selling a Home

Basics of Selling a Home

What’s usually in the contract of sale?

After you have negotiated the sale, the terms of your contract will be clear. A contract is an agreement between two parties stating who does what and who gets what. It can contain anything legal that both parties agree to.

There are certain standard items that should appear in most contracts. They are:

  • the date
  • full names of the parties involved
  • the address of the property being sold
  • the full amount of the purchase price
  • the escrow amount, where it will be deposited and who gets the interest
  • the date and place of the closing and possession
  • exactly what is included in the sale
  • who will pay closing costs
  • the amount of the real estate agent's commission

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>>Do I need a real estate agent? An attorney?
>>Legally, what is an offer?
>>What’s usually in the contract of sale?
>>What happens at the closing?
>>Where can I get more information?

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