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March 18, 2013

Buying or Selling a Home

Basics of Selling a Home

Do I need a real estate agent? An attorney?

You'll have to decide whether to use a real estate agent or market your home yourself. An agent will generally charge you around six percent of the purchase price when your home is sold. You can find a reputable real estate agent through a professional organization.

Whether or not you decide to market the home yourself, contact an attorney before you sign a listing agreement or receive an offer. Also, make sure you understand and comply with disclosure laws in your state, as well as federal and state fair housing laws.

>>What legal papers should I have before putting my home on the market?
>>Do I need a real estate agent? An attorney?
>>Legally, what is an offer?
>>What’s usually in the contract of sale?
>>What happens at the closing?
>>Where can I get more information?

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Where to Get More Information