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March 18, 2013

Renting a Home

Security Deposits

What is a security deposit?

It is money to protect the landlord in case the tenant damages the property or fails to pay rent. Usually the tenant pays the security deposit before moving in. The landlord may ask for any amount, but some local laws restrict the deposit to the equivalent of one or two months' rent.

>>What is a security deposit?
>> What does the lease say about security deposits?
>>Are deposits for cleaning, pets, parking, or garage door openers considered security deposits and, thus, refundable?
>>Must landlords hold security deposits in a separate bank account apart from other assets?
>>Does the landlord have to pay interest on deposits?
>>Under what conditions does the landlord owe a refund of the security deposit?
>>What should the tenant do if the landlord does not refund the deposit or refunds what the tenant believes is too little?

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