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March 18, 2013

The Law and Your Home

Avoiding Liability

What’s a checklist for a safe home?

  • Repair steps and railings.
  • Cover holes.
  • Fix uneven walkways.
  • Install adequate lighting.
  • Clear walkways of ice and snow as soon as possible.
  • Be sure children do not leave toys on steps and sidewalks.
  • Replace throw rugs that slip or bunch up.
  • Reroute extension cords that stretch across traffic lanes.
  • Repair frayed electrical cords.
  • Keep poisons and other hazards out of the reach of children, even if you don't have children.
  • Warn guests about icy conditions and other hazards.
  • Restrain your pet.
  • Erect barriers to your swimming pool; an automatic pool cover or a tall fence with a good lock that you lock, and an alarm on any door leading to the pool.
  • Remove all guns or keep them securely locked and out of sight, where children cannot see them or gain access to them.
  • Remove nails from stored lumber; secure any lumber piles.
  • Don't leave ladders standing against the side of the house or garage.
  • Don't let children stand nearby when you mow the lawn.
  • Don't let your guests drink and drive or drive under the influence of drugs.

>>What are some liability risks?
>>What’s a checklist for a safe home?
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>>What about liability in regard to children?
>>If I host a party in my house, am I liable for my guests' actions?
>>What about liability concerning my pets?
>>What should I do if someone is injured on my property?

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