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March 18, 2013

Domestic Violence

Getting an Order of Protection

How do I get an Order of Protection?

To get a Court Order of Protection: Call the local state’s or district attorney or tell the police you want to get one. They will tell you whom to contact. You will have to go to court.

In court, the judge needs to be convinced that you have been threatened with violence or that you have suffered abuse. Witnesses, including police officers, can help your case. Depending on your state law and how the court applies it, physical evidence is also helpful, but not essential. Physical evidence could include signs of physical abuse such as bruises, photos of physical damage to property (the table he smashed, the hole he punched in the wall), or objects used in an assault (the ashtray he threw, the knife he brandished).

>>What relief does an Order of Protection provide?
>>How do I get an Order of Protection?
>>How will the Order of Protection work?

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