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March 18, 2013

Renting a Home


Of course you don’t want to be bothered reading a lease—they’re far from scintillating. But you shouldn’t just blow them off—they’re very important. Leases are contracts, enforceable in court, that spell out the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Here are some high points.

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What is a lease or rental agreement?

Do all tenants have the same kind of lease?

What are the advantages of an oral versus a written lease?

What are the disadvantages of an oral lease?

What are the advantages of a written lease?

What are the disadvantages of a written lease?

Can leases be negotiated?

How should the tenant or the landlord change the lease if either doesn't like certain clauses?

Does the law regulate the provisions in a lease?

Can tenants be forced to waive their rights by signing a lease?

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