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April 10, 2012

Renting a Home

Lease Clauses

Whose improvement is it?

Disputes often arise when tenants install more or less permanent fixtures, such as chandeliers or ceiling fans, in their apartments. Can they remove them when they move out?

Under the general concept of landlord-tenant law, tenants may do anything they wish as long as they do not damage the property. But most leases do not allow a tenant to install such fixtures without the landlord's approval. Sometimes the lease provides as well that such fixtures become the landlord's property when the lease expires. Some leases permit removal of the fixtures if the wall or ceiling is restored to its original condition.

>>What are the most important lease clauses from the point of view of landlords?
>>What are the most important lease clauses for tenants?
>>Can the landlord enter a tenant’s premises without notice?
>>Does the tenant owe the landlord a late fee if the rent is not paid on the date specified in the lease?
>>Is the landlord liable for the damages incurred by a tenant who was injured because of inadequate maintenance of the property?
>>Can the tenant, with the landlord's consent, operate a business out of the rented premises?
>>Whose improvement is it?
>>What does "right of quiet enjoyment" of the premises mean?
>>So what about noise?
>>Is renting a condo unit different under the law?
>>In a legal dispute between the landlord and the tenant, does the tenant have to pay the landlord's attorney's fees?

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