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April 11, 2012

Renting a Home


Can leases be negotiated?

Yes. Leases are not written in stone, even though standard forms may seem that way.

Most standard leases are written by lawyers who favor landlords. Tenants should try to remove clauses they do not like. They should try to add conditions that they want, such as the right to own pets or to have the landlord paint the apartment.

Likewise, of the scores of standard forms available, none is likely to meet the needs of every landlord. Some fail to spell out which utility services the tenant pays for and which ones the landlord pays. Others fail to allow the landlord the right ever to enter the premises without the consent of the tenants. Landlords have as much right as the tenants to alter the lease terms to cover such things.

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>>What are the disadvantages of an oral lease?
>>What are the advantages of a written lease?
>>What are the disadvantages of a written lease?
>>Can leases be negotiated?
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>>Can tenants be forced to waive their rights by signing a lease?

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