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March 18, 2013

When You Need a Lawyer

Questions to Ask a Lawyer

Should I ask about the possible outcome of the case?

Certainly, but beware of any lawyer who guarantees a big settlement or assures a victory in court. Remember that there are at least two sides to every legal issue and many factors can affect its resolution. Ask for the lawyer's opinion of your case's strengths and weaknesses. Will the lawyer most likely settle your case out of court or is it likely that the case will go to trial? What are the advantages and disadvantages of settlement? Of going to trial? What kind of experience does the lawyer have in trial work?

>>What sort of questions should I ask?
>>Is it proper to ask if anyone else will be working on my case?
>>What should I ask about fees and costs?
>>Should I ask about the possible outcome of the case?
>>During our first meeting, should I ask what will happen if the lawyer and I disagree?

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