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September 17, 2012

The Law and Your Business

Home-based Businesses

Do I have to be concerned about zoning?

Maybe. Zoning is a way of keeping neighborhoods from getting cluttered with all sorts of things.

The problem is that your neighborhood might be strictly zoned for residential use only. The quieter and less obtrusive your home-based business is, the more likely that you're okay with the law (or that no one will ever discover that you're running the business in the first place).

>>Do I have to be concerned about zoning?
>>What if there’s a problem with the zoning authorities?
>>Can I deduct my home office?
>>What are the IRS rules on home offices?
>>What, exactly, can I deduct?
>>What insurance will I need for my home business?
>>What if I want to open a day-care center?

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