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September 17, 2012

The Law and Your Business

Home-based Businesses

What insurance will I need for my home business?

Homeowner's or tenant’s insurance protect you from loss if there's a fire and often cover certain natural disasters too. They also protect you if you're sued for negligently causing an injury to someone on your property.

If you're running a business out of the home your business activities and property won’t necessarily be covered under your homeowner’s or tenant’s coverage. Often the policies exclude business use. You can probably upgrade yours to cover the increased risks caused by the business. You'll pay a little more for a business rider, but the peace of mind will be worth it.

>>Do I have to be concerned about zoning?
>>What if there’s a problem with the zoning authorities?
>>Can I deduct my home office?
>>What are the IRS rules on home offices?
>>What, exactly, can I deduct?
>>What insurance will I need for my home business?
>>What if I want to open a day-care center?

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