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March 18, 2013

Law for Older Americans

Health Care Advance Directives

How do you write an advance directive?

There are all kinds of advance directive forms out there—both official forms in state law and unofficial forms created by state medical and bar associations, national organizations, and others.

No form is perfect for everyone. Keep in mind that the form is to aid, and not take the place of, communication. The form is a tool for planning and not the final outcome of planning. Any form you use should be personalized to reflect your own values, after thoughtful discussion with health care providers, family, and advisors. And after the form is properly signed, discussion should not cease. Your views are likely to evolve over your lifetime.

Your instructions may cover any health care issue, such as:

  • states or levels of functioning in which you would not want (or want) life-sustaining treatment, e.g., states such as permanent unconsciousness or severe dementia
  • types of life-sustaining treatment you may want or not want and under what conditions
  • the use of artificial nutrition & hydration
  • instructions about any other specific medical procedure that may be expected, in light of your personal and family medical history
  • organ donation wishes
  • preferences regarding pain control and comfort care
  • preferences regarding other aspects of end-of-life care, such as your place of care and environmental wishes

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