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March 18, 2013


Checking Your Credit Record

What does a credit report look like?

The basic format used by members of the ACB contains these major types of information:

  • Identification and employment data: Your name, birthdate, addresses (present and former), employment history, home ownership, income, and similar data for your spouse, if it is a joint report.
  • Payment history: Your account record with different credit grantors, showing how much credit has been extended and how you have repaid it.
  • Inquiries: Credit bureaus maintain a record of all credit grantors who have checked your credit record within the past six months.
  • Public record information: This includes bankruptcies, foreclosures, tax liens, court judgments, and the like.

>>What do credit bureaus do?
>>Do credit bureaus ever report one person’s record instead of another’s?
>>May I look at my credit record?
>>Do I have a right to see my credit record if it contains adverse information about me?
>>What does a credit report look like?
>>What may I do if I believe the credit bureau has incorrect information in my file?
>>How does the process of challenging inaccurate information work?
>>What is the story behind companies that advertise their abilities to repair faulty credit histories? They sound too good to be true.

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