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March 18, 2013


Checking Your Credit Record

What do credit bureaus do?

Credit bureaus do not make credit decisions. Instead, they provide data to credit grantors for use in making credit decisions. For this reason, a good credit record is very important to your ability to obtain credit to purchase goods and services, to rent an apartment or to buy a home. Credit reports may also be used when you apply for insurance or for employment.

>>What do credit bureaus do?
>>Do credit bureaus ever report one person’s record instead of another’s?
>>May I look at my credit record?
>>Do I have a right to see my credit record if it contains adverse information about me?
>>What does a credit report look like?
>>What may I do if I believe the credit bureau has incorrect information in my file?
>>How does the process of challenging inaccurate information work?
>>What is the story behind companies that advertise their abilities to repair faulty credit histories? They sound too good to be true.

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