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March 18, 2013

Child Custody and Support

Setting Guidelines for Child Support

Who pays for college expenses?

The obligation of a divorced parent to pay for the child’s college expenses or trade school will depend on the state in which the parents live and any agreement between the parents regarding such expenses.

Courts in some states will require parents to pay for a child's college expenses, assuming the parents can afford it and the child is a good enough student to benefit from college. Courts in these states reason that the child’s parents probably would have helped pay for the child’s education had the marriage remained intact and that the child’s education should not suffer because of the divorce.

>>How are child support guidelines set?
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>>Can a parent be forced to pay child support?
>>What happens when the parents share custody?
>>Must the noncustodial parent pay support if the child is with him or her for summer vacation?
>>Who pays for college expenses?

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