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March 18, 2013

Buying, Selling, or Leasing a Vehicle

Lemon Laws

What will I get if I win my lemon law claim?

If you successfully pursue a lemon law claim, you may get a refund of what you paid for the car, as well as reimbursement for things like taxes, registration fees, and finance charges. If you choose, you may get a replacement car. Be sure that it is of comparable value to the lemon it is replacing, and that it satisfies you completely.

>>What are lemon laws?
>>How do I know if the law considers my car a lemon?
>>What must I do to make lemon laws work for me?
>>Is there an arbitration process?
>>What will I get if I win my lemon law claim?
>>Do lemon laws cover used cars?
>>May I drive the car while we are deciding whether or not it is a lemon?

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