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March 18, 2013

Buying, Selling, or Leasing a Vehicle

Lemon Laws

How do I know if the law considers my car a lemon?

States vary in their specifics. Do an Internet search for "lemon law" along with the name of your state to see if your state has a law—if it does, chances are that a government agency or a private law firm or consumer protection organization has posted a website on the topic.

As a general rule, a lemon normally is a car that continues to have a defect that substantially restricts its use, safety, or value, even after reasonable efforts to repair it. This often means four repair attempts on the same problem or a directly related problem within six months or one year (the time period varies by state). Or, it might mean the car is out of commission for more than thirty nonconsecutive days during either: (1) the year after the dealer sold it; or (2) the duration of any express warranty, whichever is shorter.

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>>How do I know if the law considers my car a lemon?
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>>May I drive the car while we are deciding whether or not it is a lemon?

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