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March 18, 2013

Buying, Selling, or Leasing a Vehicle

Lemon Laws

Is there an arbitration process?

Yes. Most states require that you go through an arbitration procedure before you can get a replacement or refund. Some states sponsor arbitration programs, which may be more objective than those run by manufacturers. Arbitration is usually free, and results often are binding only on the manufacturer; if you don't like the result, you can still take the manufacturer to court.

Some states require arbitration only if the manufacturer refuses to give you a satisfactory replacement or a refund. You also may have the option of bypassing arbitration and going directly to court.

>>What are lemon laws?
>>How do I know if the law considers my car a lemon?
>>What must I do to make lemon laws work for me?
>>Is there an arbitration process?
>>What will I get if I win my lemon law claim?
>>Do lemon laws cover used cars?
>>May I drive the car while we are deciding whether or not it is a lemon?

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