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March 18, 2013

Buying, Selling, or Leasing a Vehicle

Buying a New Car

How should I evaluate the contract?

Before you sign, make sure you understand and accept all the contract terms, because you'll probably have to abide by a contract you have signed, even if you have not read it. Read the contract carefully. Ask questions. Cross out blank spaces to avoid any additions after you sign. Make sure that the dealer's promises appear in the contract. Do not sign until the contract satisfies you. The contract you sign binds you, and escape from the contract is both difficult and expensive.

>>What information should an automobile ad include?
>>What are “bait and switch” ads?
>>What if the ad omits details?
>>Must a car contract be in writing?
>>Which terms should the contract include?
>>How should I evaluate the contract?
>>May I change a seller's preprinted contract?
>>May I cancel the contract even after I sign it?
>>What happens to my deposit if I cancel the contract?
>>What if I want to add something after I sign the contract?

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