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March 18, 2013

Buying, Selling, or Leasing a Vehicle

Buying a New Car

What if the ad omits details?

If the dealer knows of important facts about the vehicle, but fails to reveal them, the law may consider that as a deceptive act that could enable you to cancel the deal and even recover damages in court. Clearing up the missing facts later does not erase the dealer's deceitful act.

>>What information should an automobile ad include?
>>What are “bait and switch” ads?
>>What if the ad omits details?
>>Must a car contract be in writing?
>>Which terms should the contract include?
>>How should I evaluate the contract?
>>May I change a seller's preprinted contract?
>>May I cancel the contract even after I sign it?
>>What happens to my deposit if I cancel the contract?
>>What if I want to add something after I sign the contract?

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