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March 18, 2013

The Law and Your Business

Securing Capital

Are government loans available?

If you can't get money from good old Uncle Hank, Uncle Sam might be able to help. The Small Business Administration has loan and lease guarantee programs that are designed to encourage banks and other financial institutions to lend money to small businesses. The SBA doesn't make loans itself, but by guaranteeing most of the amount lent it encourages banks to make loans they might not normally make.

You can find out about the many SBA loan programs by checking out its website at or by calling the SBA at 800-827-5722. Through the website, you can also get information about the SBA office closest to you.

>>What are some ways of securing capital?
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>>What about my spouse’s assets?
>>Are government loans available?
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>>Legally, what’s the difference between active investors and passive investors?
>>What if I want to have “passive" co-owners?

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