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July 16, 2020

ABA Guide to Consumer Law

ABA Guide to Consumer Law

This book helps you understand the everyday transactions that make up economic life, and sets out the basic rights and obligations of people playing the free-enterprise game. When you've better informed, your choices will be greater and you'll get the most for your money. And the better able you are to protect what you earn—by spending or investing it wisely—the more opportunity you'll have to enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

Note: You'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view the .pdfs below; download a free copy here if your computer doesn't have this program.

Ch. 1: Who, What, When, and How: How Consumer Law Fits into the Big Picture

Ch. 2: Fundamentals of Contract Law: How to Know When You’ve “Got a Deal”

Ch. 3: Bars to a Contract: How to Know When It’s “No Deal”

Ch. 4: Special Contract Terms: Waivers, Forum-Selection Clauses, and Other Wrinkles

Ch. 5: Step Right Up: Advertising and Your Rights

Ch. 6: The Postman’s Knock: Buying by Mail, Phone, Fax, and Computer

Ch. 7: The Lease You Can Do: Residential Leases

Ch. 8: Guard Duty: Warranties

Ch. 9: The Wheels of Life: Automobile Sales, Leases, And Repairs

Ch. 10: Something Borrowed: Consumer Credit

Ch. 11: Where the Heart Is: Buying and Selling a Home

Ch. 12: Security Nets: Insurance

Ch. 13: The Consumer Minefield: Contracts in Context

Ch. 14: The Consumer Superhighway: Consumer Rights in the Computer Age

Ch. 15: And Let Slip the Dogs of Law: Breach of Contract and Remedies

Where to Get More Information

Information from this ABA guide is also used on Findlaw's "For the Public" site.