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March 18, 2013


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

What is the role of the Chapter 13 trustee?

You submit your plan to the court and a Chapter 13 trustee, who is appointed by the United States Trustee to handle Chapter 13 cases. The trustee will verify the accuracy and reasonableness of your plan and distribute your proposal to the creditors. Creditors will have the opportunity at a hearing to challenge your proposal if they believe that it is unreasonable. With that in mind, the trustee will want to be sure that your plan provides enough for you to live on, but will also challenge expenses that are unreasonably high. The issue is whether you are making a "good faith" effort to repay your debts, even if it means a reduction in your living standards such as cutting your entertainment expenses down from five hundred dollars per month. Since the trustee's recommendation will carry considerable weight with the court, it pays to be honest and open with the information that you provide.

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