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April 11, 2012

Consumer Law

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) and the Law

How can you find out about ATM fees?

When shopping for a place to open an account to which you want to gain access with an ATM, find out the different institutions' terms. This information should be available from bank personnel (not necessarily a teller, but certainly someone behind a desk) as well as in the mandatory disclosure forms provided with each new account. You can also get this information in pamphlets, arranged by subject, at the front of the lobby.

>>How can you find out about ATM fees?
>>What fees are unreasonable?
>>What fees are reasonable?
>>Do you have a contract with your ATM issuer?
>>How can you safeguard yourself in making ATM deposits?
>>How can you make your ATM transactions secure?
>>How carefully should you guard your PIN?
>>Should you save the receipts of each transaction?
>>If you don’t save them, should you be careful of how you dispose transaction slips?
>>What happens when you leave your card in the ATM?

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