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September 12, 2012

The Law and Your Health

What to Do If You Have Problems

What is apparent authority?

Apparent authority is when a health plan is indirectly responsible for the acts of its doctors because patients consider the doctors to be representatives of the health plan. This is sometimes known as ostensible agency or agency by estoppel. This is different from respondeat superior because in apparent authority the doctors are not employees of the health plan. But the key here is that the public is led to believe that the doctors represent or are employed by the plan, thus giving patients the impression that its doctors are capable of giving qualified medical care.

>>What options do I have when my health plan refuses to cover the treatment I need?
>>>Can I recover damages from my health plan when it does not live up the promises in the health plan’s brochure?
>>Is the health plan legally responsible if I am injured because of a doctor’s mistake?
>>How can I recover from my health plan for negligence?
>>What is respondeat superior?
>>What is apparent authority?
>>What is corporate negligence liability?

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