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What is an Independent Judiciary?

An independent judiciary is necessary to ensure the rule of law is respected. Judicial independence means that judges are not subject to pressure and influence and are free to make impartial decisions based solely on fact and law. An independent judge can assure that your case will be decided according to the law and the facts­ and not a shifting political climate.

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Statement of ABA President Mary Smith on Judicial Attacks

Threats against the individuals we have appointed or elected to administer our judicial system and the rule of law are not only wrong, they also threaten the very fabric of our democracy — judicial independence and the rule of law.

Essays on the Courts

Defending Justice, a joint production of Standing Committee on the American Justice System and the ABA Journal, provides a series of thoughtful essays about topics related to judicial independence written by prominent judges, lawyers, ABA members, and advocates for fair, impartial, effective courts.

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Judicial Independence

The Division for Public Education and Federal Judicial Center held a virtual program for teachers in 2021 in which a group of respected experts, including judges, attorneys, and law professors discussed the importance of judicial independence.

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