February 12, 2020

Case Study - Madison v. Alabama

Vernon Madison was convicted of murdering a police officer and sentenced to death. While he was in prison, he suffered several strokes, which left him with significant cognitive impairments, including dementia. As a result, he currently cannot remember committing the crime. The Court must now determine whether the Eighth Amendment prohibits a state from executing a person whose medical condition leaves him incompetent and prevents him from remembering his conviction.

The classroom case study provides:

  •  background on the legal issues in the case;
  •  facts of the case;
  • key legal definitions;
  • arguments for petitioner and respondent; and
  •  focus questions for fostering classroom discussion

Download Classroom Case Study

The classroom case study was modified from PREVIEW of United States Supreme Court Cases. It can be used for teacher reference and provides a more detailed look at the case.

Download Preview Article

AUWCL Professor Angela Davis provides an overview of Madison v. Alabama which was argued before the Court on October 2.