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July 23, 2020

A Conversation on the Court: Debriefing the SCOTUS Term

This virtual conversation highlighted several of the big cases from 2020’s SCOTUS term as our experts discussed the specific legal context and larger significance of the featured cases. Speakers reviewed the case summaries, Court rulings, larger takeaways for the public, and insights into how the media and educators communicate highly politicized issues relating to the Court to the public. This discussion explored what these cases meant, and in some circumstances more importantly, what they didn’t mean and how to communicate these takeaways to broad audiences.

This program is intended for a general audience including high school teachers, non-lawyers, law students, college faculty and students, and lawyers and other legal professionals.

Kimberly Atkins is a senior news correspondent for WBUR, covering national political news from Washington, D.C., with a New England focus. She is also an MSNBC contributor, providing on-air analysis and commentary of the national political news of the day. Before joining WBUR, Kimberly served as the Washington bureau chief at the Boston Herald, focusing her coverage on the White House, Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court and national news. She has appeared as a political commentator on a host of national and international television and radio networks, including CNN, Fox News, NBC News, PBS, NPR, Sky News (U.K.) and CBC News (Canada).

Professor Steve D. Schwinn of the UIC John Marshall Law School, is a frequent commenter on issues related to constitutional law and human rights. He is co-director of the International Human Rights Clinic. Professor Schwinn is a co-founder and co-editor of the Constitutional Law Prof Blog. Professor Schwinn is the Editor of the American Constitution Society Supreme Court Review, an annual publication reviewing cases and issues at the Supreme Court. He regularly writes for the ABA Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases.  He works with Chicago area teachers, students, and non-profits on outreach and public education related to the Constitution.

 Additional Materials:

Resources on the DACA Case (Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of the University of California) 

Resources on the Title VII Cases (Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia and Altitude Express, Inc. v. Zarda)