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February 12, 2019

Law Career Publications

Thinking about a career in the law? 

The legal profession has a long and rich history of service in the United States. It plays an important role in helping to ensure that rights are understood and respected, laws are followed and enforced, and justice is accessible. Today, there are many opportunities for a fulfilling career in law, some that require a law degree and others that do not.

People from all walks of life and from many different areas of study choose careers in the law. Legal professionals come from virtually every geographical region and social background. It is extremely important that the legal profession reflects the people it serves. Therefore, law schools, legal professional associations, and legal employers actively seek diverse candidates.

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"A Life in the Law: Exploring the Pathway to a Legal Career."

Check out our newly updated 32-page career resource, "A Life in the Law: Exploring the Pathway to a Legal Career." These publications are excellent resources for teachers to distribute in the classroom, or for legal professionals who visit with or advise prospective law students.

Inside, readers will find helpful information that will guide them along the path to preparing for law school, details about the legal field, and insightful tips from a diverse array of legal professionals.

Some specific topics include:

· Preparing for law school

· Selecting a law school

· Advice from legal professionals

· Developing a financial strategy for law school

· Gaining entry to the Bar

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Legal Careers brochure

"Exploring a Career in the Law"

This trifold pamphlet provides basic information about legal career choices available with and without a law degree. Shipped in handy shrink-wrapped packets of 30, “Exploring a Career in the Law” include insights from legal professionals, brief descriptions of different legal career options, and other useful information for those considering a life in the law. This product is a great giveaway for lawyer-in-the-classroom programs, a must at career fairs and in guidance offices, and the perfect supplement to any law-related education program.

Some specific topics include:

· An overview of what lawyers do

· Reasons for choosing a career in law

· Advice from legal professionals

· Legal career options

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